Admit Slips

Just as you would expect, an admit slip is similar to the exit slip, only it is handed it at the beginning of the class. The writing is done at home. It can be written on a note card, in a journal, or on a specially printed and gimmicky "movie ticket" type card - for example - Admit one to Mrs Gow's class.

typically students reflect upon the previous days class, homework, or something that challenged or excited them from the class the day before. The prompts can be open ended or subject specific.

  • do you think the use of atomic bombs in World War 2 was justified? Why or why not?
  • name three qualities of a good leader and why they matter
  • Some of the chemical reactions we have been studying also happen in your home every day.Name and explain two of them
  • Make a drawing of a plant in or near your house and explain how its structures are similar to some in your text book

  • Write down 3 things you have learnt about graphs
  • Tell me 4 places where you would see a right angle in the city
  • Write 2 facts about an isosceles triangle

Putting the Writing to work
(these suggestions have been taken directly from the text "Content Area Writing" - Harvey Daniels/ Steven Zimelman/ Nancy Steineke)

  • the teacher collects all the admits, quickly scans through them and reads one to three promising discussion starters aloud, inviting class members to then chime in.
  • the teacher finds two opposing or different takes on a topic, reads each aloud and elicits discussion
  • the teacher does not collect the admits but simply asks volunteers to read their card aloud
  • the teacher shuffles the cards and passes them out randomly; students anonymously read them aloud to spur discussion
  • the teacher has students pass their admit slips to the third or fifth student (down the row, in the circle). Then the receiving student writes a comment on the card and passes it three more students along, for another round of comments. then discussion starts when volunteer students read the three entries on their card.
  • students pass their cards as in the previous example, but each card returns to the student who made the initial entry.

  • EXIT / ADMIT SLIPS - instead of using sticky notes, why not try getting the kids to use wallwisher for these exit / admit s