Cornell Notes or Double Entry Journals

Any time you have ruled a line down the middle of a page and compared two things by listing pros and cons, you have used a double entry journal. A version of double entry journals, is CORNELL NOTES.
This structure allows students to record the main ideas / key words on the left hand side, and to reflect, wonder and respond to the information as they go. At the bottom of the page, students can then re read their notes, and make a summary of the information.
“Double entry journals are very flexible. Within a unit, double-entry journals can be used to deepen text understanding, show the thinking behind problem solving, or compare ideas, information, characters and so on.”
p.85 Content-Area Writing – Harvey Daniels, Steven Zemelman and Nancy Steineke

Your task for this past fortnight, has been to trial the Cornell note taking strategy. Please comment below on how you used it and how effective you thought it was in your classroom.


Britt - I used cornell notes with my year 11 Biology students, who appreciated the structure it gave them when taking notes about a video on Plant Adaptations. As it was the first time they have used this strategy, I'm not sure how effective their summaries were, but next time I will collect their work and check how they are going. I modelled the strategy on the whiteboard as the video was playing, then let them take their own notes.