7 - 9 Study Group

  • Improving Adolescent Literacy - Content area Strategies at work - Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
  • The authors present a rich panoply of engaging instructional strategies that research has shown to be effective for improving reading and writing in middle and secondary school students. After discussing common questions asked by content area teachers, a full chapter is devoted to each of eight strategies-anticipatory activities, read-alouds/shared reading, questioning, notetaking/notemaking, graphic organizers, vocabulary instruction, writing to learn, and reciprocal teaching-coupling discussions with examples from the author's own research in a diverse, urban secondary school.Additionally, in order to meet the challenge of today's inclusive, multicultural classrooms, the book presents only those strategies that have been proven effective with all learners - including struggling readers and those for whom English is not their first language.

  • IRA - International Reading Association This site is sensational and I highly recommend staff paying the annual joining fee. For your money, you get access to the members only area which includes great readings, links and podcasts. You can also opt to receive a magazine in the mail, but you can read this online as well.