Literature Circles - Book Clubs - Bastow Institute


  • Students choose their own reading materials
  • Small temporary groups are formed, based upon book choice
  • Different groups read different books
  • Groups meet on a regular, predictable schedule to discuss their reading
  • Kids use written or drawn notes to guide both their reading and discussion
  • Discussion topics come from the students
  • Group meetings aim to be open, natural conversations about books, so personal connections, digressions, and open-ended questions are welcome
  • The teacher serves as a facilitator, not a group member or instructor
  • ¡Evaluation is by teacher observation and student self-evaluation
  • A spirit of playfulness and fun pervades the room
  • When books are finished, readers share with their classmates, and then new groups form around new reading choices.
Book club response sheet

Book Club Response Sheet
Title __
Use the headings below to record your responses to the selection you read for your book club group.
Passages/words: Record any words, lines, or sections of the story that “stand out” for you. They might be important, puzzling, curious, provocative, dubious or well-written – whatever grabs your attention.

Reactions/Connections: What were your feelings and responses? Did it remind you of past experiences, people, or things that have happened to you? Did it make you think of anything happening in the news, around school, in other stories or books you have read? Do the characters act or feel like real people might?

Questions: What questions came to mind while you read this story? Were things you wondered about, doubted or didn’t understand?

Prediction: What do you think will happen next in the story? Use details from the text to support your prediction.