Suggested topics for students when writing persuasive text:

  • Compulsory recycling
  • Cats are better than dogs
  • School uniform or casual clothes?
  • Books or TV?
  • Caged hens or free range?
  • Computers or pen and paper in schools
  • Public holiday for Race Day or Warrnambool Show day
  • Ban smoking in outdoor public areas
  • All kids should get pocket money

Begin in action when writing persuasive text

  • Row upon row of dull eyes, scaly, flaky legs and lack lustre feathers, greeted me on entering the massive, overheated shed. An overwhelming stench assailed my nostrils as I took in the view. I waited until my eyes adjusted to the artificial lighting, then I looked upon the greatest misery I had ever witnessed. Battery caged hens.
  • Ferris wheels, popcorn, toffee apples, dodgem cars, show bags and side show alley - a parent's nightmare but a child's paradise. Horses galloping, adults betting, adults drinking, fancy cars, ladies in high heels trying not to sink into the lawn - a day at the races. But wait - where are the children? Oh right - the races are not exactly the place for children - so why does the Moyne shire grant a public holiday for the Warrnambool Race day and make us go to school on Warrnambool show day???